eRez Imaging Server

eRez Imaging Server 3.1

create/share dynamic images on the net
5.0 (See all) ApS

Preparing and distributing images for different media, such as the internet or professional printing, used to be a time consuming, error prone and expensive task. No more!
Based on the concept “single source dynamic imaging”, the eRez Imaging Server enables you to automatically generate an endless number of image variations from the same single master image. So from now on, you only need to create and maintain one version of every image.

The eRez Imaging Server sets completely new standards for image sharing and distribution. Publish your complete image library on the Internet in a simple one-step process. And let Internet users zoom in, rotate and examine details of high resolution images, requiring no more than a regular dial-up connection. You can even let users browse and view images in detail from their mobile phones.

Images taking up even gigabytes of server space can be viewed in detail from anywhere using a mobile phone with a UMTS (3G), GPRS or even a GSM Internet connection.

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